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Generation4Life Groups

Do you feel passionate about the issue of abortion?
Would you like to learn more about what abortion
and MAiD look like in Canada?
Would you like to be a part of an encouraging, 
life-affirming community of young people across Canada?

We encourage you to start a Generation4Life group!

Starting or joining a Generation4Life group will allow you to...

  • Get educated on abortion and medical assistance in dying in Canada.

  • Be a part of a life-affirming community of young people across Canada.

  • Have access to exclusive Generation4Life Groups clothing and stickers. 

  • Become equipped to have conversations on abortion and MAiD.

  • Take action and make a difference in your community.

  • Support local women and pro-life organizations.

  • Build a pro-life culture.

More Information Coming.. 
Spring 2023!


How confident do you feel speaking up about abortion and MAiD right now?
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