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Samantha - Why I'm Pro-Life

My name is Samantha Moffit, I am 18 years old and go to Providence University College in Otterburne, Manitoba. I am the kind of person that if I strongly believe in something, I can't help but be extremely passionate about that belief. I find it difficult to keep quiet about things I find important, or things that I believe to be unjust. This relates to my beliefs on life, and the right to life. Since I was younger and before I got into my own research on abortion, I thought it was simple; everyone has the right to life. When I started to realize that there was a different side of things where people did not recognize the significance of one's right to life, I was shocked. I couldn’t understand how anyone could believe otherwise. It didn’t shock me just because I am Christian, or because my parents infringed their beliefs on me. It shocked me because I simply just could not understand how a baby could be seen as a “clump of cells” with no real value or importance. To me the act of taking a life is always wrong, especially to a child so innocent.

Around the age of 14 or 15 is when I began to research the realities of what abortion is. Which is when my true passion began for the right to life of the innocent. As I did my research (over multiple years to gain more and more insight), I could not fathom how life could be seen as a choice and not a precious gift to the world. Reading and watching different texts on how abortions are performed, what they actually are, and the many other aspects showed me just how passionate I am about the right to life. The atrocity of what abortion truly is, is not something I was able to look past. Like I said above, I am a very passionate person on the things I believe in.

During the time of research and further interest in this topic, I found myself following just about any pro-life social media platform there was. Wanting to learn more, but also find ways to bring awareness to this subject. Not only this, but I found myself having conversations on this topic with about anyone I could (friends and family mostly). I would discuss differences in beliefs, but also why we believe what we believe. This brought me quite a bit of insight on both sides.

Having these discussions, doing my own research, and following many different accounts led me to actually use this knowledge in a high school class. This was Law class, in which we participated in a debate. This debate was on a topic of our own choice and in groups of two. I paired up with a likeminded friend of mine, who is just as passionate on this topic as I, and we debated a group with opposite beliefs. The debate topic was a prolife/prochoice debate. This debate took a lot of research, as you cannot present un-factual statements within a “professional” debate. So, everything within our argument was factual and had an impact. The class that we did this debate in was majorly filled with those of the pro-choice belief. That being said, we may not have changed their minds or anything in that sense, but we did expose them to information they may have never heard of before. This debate had me dive into certain aspects of abortion that I never had before. It had me look at not only things that supported my side, but also the opposing side/view. Reading on both sides did not deter me from my already strong passion for life, but just made me more passionate. Topics such as the need for more government assistance in correlation to pregnancies as well as single parents. The need for a better foster care system, and more topics such as this. My wish is that we can do both. Improve different aspects of our worldly systems, and also keep the right to life for all (including the unborn). Why do we have to pick one devastation over the other? And how does choosing one over the other make the other less important?

Those kinds of questions are what keep my beliefs unwavering. I don’t believe that us humans have the right to take a life, especially one as pure as a child's. I hope that in the next generation, I can help advocate for these lives more and more.


My name is Samantha Moffit and I live in Manitoba. I am 18 years old. I first heard about Life Culture when my friend Rhea started working with them many months ago. I am very passionate about the pro-life movement and I love what Life Culture and Generation Life are doing!



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