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The Value We All Have

Being a mom of a child with a disability and hearing about other women choosing to end the life of their unborn child due to their disability breaks my heart.

The doctors always give the worst case scenario, but they, and us, have no idea what our child’s life will look like.

I, without a speck of doubt, know that it is not our place to decide if anyone else’s life is worth living.

Every single person on earth, and still to be born has a purpose and a plan laid out for them from the beginning of time by God. And it doesn’t matter if we do big or small things.

The impact my daughter has had in her almost 19 years, is bigger than I will ever know. As her path has crossed others paths, she has touched their lives by just being her sweet, cheerful, positive, friendly self. Her contributions to the world may be small, but she was created as she is, for a reason, and my life is blessed and fuller because of her.

My heart also breaks for how medically assisted dying is being encouraged for those with disabilities. The message it sends is ugly and hurtful. Telling those that are ill, disabled, elderly, that their life is worth nothing. I cannot bear to see people treated that way. While life may be hard for people with disabilities and medical needs, with support, love, and proper health care, they can live amazing lives. My daughter loves her life and is thankful to be alive and loved. Let’s not give up championing for others whose voices are not heard.


Marsha Oeste is a mother of 3 who helps special needs moms find health, energy, joy and financial freedom. She is on a journey to share authentically about motherhood, being a caregiver and advocate for her daughter Jenna. She is an advocate for life and supports helping others see the value in every life and making the most of every situation! We are thankful for her contribution and sharing a bit of her story with us!



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