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We Need A Law

A Praising Editorial:

Picture of my sisters baby at 20 weeks!

Abortion is a topic that needs to be discussed. Most of us understand that the decision of determining whether an unborn child should come into this world or not is a big deal. In Canada, we have no abortion laws. There is a bold line between defending women’s rights and defending the rights of the unborn. We as a nation have strayed too far from protecting the rights of children before birth.

The We Need a Law campaign is voicing some issues that Canada should open their eyes to. Canada is the only democracy in the world with no abortion laws. We are a nation that prides ourselves in human rights, yet we fail to give any to unborn children. I believe that Canada’s government needs to listen to what the campaign has to say. We Need a Law is focused on persuading our political leaders to create necessary laws. The campaign specifically focuses on the use of abortion for sex-selection, the movement to pass the Protection of Pregnant Women and Pre-born Children Act, and the advocation of ending late-term abortions.

Sex-selection is happening, and it is being done through abortion. Sex-selection is illegal when it is done by vitro fertilization, so it should be illegal when it comes to abortion. 84% of Canadians agree that sex-selection through abortion is wrong, it is time that they take a stand for what they believe. Pre-born girls are often targeted over pre-born boys. We Need a Law advocates for the need of a law where it would be illegal to abort a child for their sex. Canada as a nation should work towards the equality of men and women from the earliest stages in life. The Protection of Pregnant Women and Preborn Children Act would enforce that if violence would occur against a pregnant woman, there would be repercussions for the harm of the mother and child. Currently, there are no legal punishments for the attacker when it comes to the baby. This leaves a door open for abuse, with the abuser knowing that appropriate consequences will not befall them. This campaign advocates for a law that would consider the child a victim, in hopes that it would prevent violence against the mothers who carry them.

We Need a Law is advocating for a law that all women seeking abortions have access to counselling and a 48 hour waiting period between requesting and receiving the abortion, as well as mandating that abortion after the first trimester is illegal. There are exceptions when it comes to rape or incest. In a study of Western European and North American abortion stats, it was shown that counselling and a waiting period greatly impacted abortion rates. Canada, which has neither of those, has an abortion rate of 241 babies aborted for every 1000 live births where as countries who have counselling and waiting periods have around 155 aborted babies for every 1000 live births.

15% of abortions occurs after the first trimester, so although this law won’t protect all unborn children, it is taking a step in the right direction; saving some lives is better than saving none. About 100,000 abortions occur every year in Canada, and Canadians can use their voices to save 15,000 of them. Up to 2,500 babies are aborted at a stage where they are viable outside the womb, meaning they were aborted when they were capable of living outside of the uterus.

This initiative encourages Canada as a country to do better. We Need a Law advocates for taking action to give rights to the unborn. This organization wants to give equal rights to each and every person, whether they can speak for themselves or not. This law will save thousands of lives, I believe that every life is worth fighting for. Even if this is a small step in the growing issue of abortion, it is a step we need to take. Each small step, is a step towards honoring God and his plan for each and every individual.

Canadian Public Perspective Abortion Stats:

Mersadie Unger is passionate about abortion and has been standing up for the unborn for a few years now. She researches topics such as abortion in order to understand where she stands and to share what she has learnt. She is very inspiring and knowledgeable. Mersadie is a close friend and supports all that Life Culture and Generation Life are doing!



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